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New Year…New Trials…Same God…Greater Victory!

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

2010 has begun with a break-neck jolt to the senses!

Two months flew by without a web update and this past Christmas season was one of the busiest we have had around Tenth Avenue in a long time. Then with all the changes taking place around the church, it’s been hard to keep up with everybody and everything. Some days have been full from dawn ’til late at night. Yet we kept moving forward and somehow found ourselves in the middle of January of 2010!

Already this year has been unbelievable! In the world setting, the crisis in Haiti has captivated our emotions, the health care debate has dominated conversations and the financial woes of our nation have come crashing down close to home.

In the church setting, we’ve said goodbye Charles Taylor who went home to be with the Lord, our new music ministry is kicking into high gear, and it’s all hands on deck as we tweek our Living Room service and make it a weekly event.

The church is in the best financial shape in a decade even though our attendance doesn’t look much different when you crunch numbers. This is in part because of poor weather but even more due to illness and other medical issues that have plagued many in the congregation…But God is bringing healing! Just today God brought healing to Owen J. and caused his heart to go back into rhythm! And this week we’ve gained one addition through the birth of Noah G.!

Our youth are preparing for Jr. and Teen Talent, as well as raising money for Smokey Mt. Winterfest. These students are hungry for God and the StandOut youth group continues to go deeper!

In addition, we are halfway into the Divine Encounter. We’ve joined 16 other churches to fast and pray for God to do a work in our city. On Wednesdays we’ve been gathering together at to have a combined Bible study that has been incredibly received. Last night God showed up in a powerful way in our adult session at Christ Temple…while the youth were seeking God themselves at Jefferson Avenue. No one can know what the result of all this can be…but whatever it is it’s going to be great!

So even with new trials in a new year, the same God who brought us through 2009 is going to take us to greater victory in 2010!


Pastor Darrell