Caution: Christmas is Coming

Well it is official, Christmas is on its way. In the coming weeks the church will undergo its yearly Christmas transformation. Maybe we will post some pics as we go.

Sunday morning’s sermon “The One of Bethlehem” should be available for download under podcasts within the next 24 hours. Everyone seemed to really enjoy this message which focused not only on the birth of Christ but the return and eternal reign of Christ taken from Micah 5:2-5. The key part of this message was not just focusing on the history of Christmas but the fact that there are aspects of the prophecy which are yet to be fulfilled…possibly to be fulfilled in our lifetimes.

The monthly “Stand Out” youth service was great with the whole congregation getting into the pre-service game time. The adults narrowly beat out the youth in the Generation Gap challenge, and the drama team did an excellent job with their “interpretive movement” (aka dance).

Of course Youth Pastor J did an excellent job with his message, “What Are You Running For?”, which will also be available for download within the next 24.

On a personal note, it was “cute” to see the pre-schoolers presentation at the start of service. Emma, Jemilah, Leah and Melody all were adorable and all the “Ahh”s from the crowd attested to that.

The video had some glitches, but after we get it all together and have a chance to examine it, we will either put exerpts on line or put a compilation together.

Now, as we go neck deep into the Christmas season, there will be a lot going on. Winterfest fundraiser December 9th…The Christmas Dinner December 10th…Christ B-Day Offering December 21st…and multiple other events tween now and New Years…Hopefully no one will get lost in between.

Keep in mind, that no matter how crazy things get between here and there, we are doing all of this to celebrate the life of our Lord and Savior. Don’t let the details bog you down, just keep pushing on being thankful that we have yet another Christmas to celebrate.

Pastor D

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