Here we Go

Well, with the re-launch of, I thought it would be nice to have a blog where we could share a devotional, a recap of recent events, a forecast of things to come…you name it, if it relates to the Tenth Avenue Church of God, we’ll blog it.

For the inaugural blog, I thought I would just comment on the wonderful Thanksgiving Communion service last night. It was so great to give families an opportunity to share what they are thankful for and then celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. What a powerful time of sharing!

The comments have all been wonderful. Everyone seems to appreciate yet another unique Communion service that invites elements from so many Christian traditions, yet presents itself as totally Pentecostal.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Pastor D.

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  1. Lura Miller says:

    Pastor Darrell I finally got a chance to visit the new web site. It’s very nice and we thank you. I’ll be forwarding the link to family and friends and am adding it to “my favorites” as I intend to visit frequently.

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