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Early in the 20th Century, two waves of the Spirit of God converged in the United States.

From the urban developments of California came the Azuza Street outpouring of 1906. From the rural areas of the Smokey Mountains came the Shearer School House revival of 1886. When these two forces of God met, Pentecostal churches began to be planted across the nation.

The Church of God in West Virginia was birthed from these great moves of God's Spirit. Due to Huntington's proximity to Kentucky and Ohio, it was a prime candidate for church planting.

Following years of prayer and outreach, the Huntington Church of God was formed in 1919 in a little flat roofed tabernacle on 10th Avenue. The Church of God in the Tri-State region has been growing ever since.

Numerous churches, of different denominations, have come out of this humble beginning. The Church of God itself used the Huntington location for several years as a base of opperations for West Virginia State Overseers (now called Administrative Bishops). A part of Tenth Avenue's heritage is that many of the Churches of God within West Virginia grew from this one congregation.

Now, after 90 years of sharing Christ with the Tri-State, God is beginning to birth something new.

After decades of traditional worship, the Tenth Avenue congregation is entering into an hour of community outreach unlike any before.

At the same time, an incorporation of traditional and non-traditional elements of worship are beginning to bring all the generations together for corporate praise, worship, prayer and blessing.

There are activities for all ages, all races, and from all walks of life.

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Tenth Avenue Church of God
2301 Tenth Avenue
Huntington, WV 25703
Corner of Tenth Avenue and Twenty Third Street